Skills for the Week:

  • Start reading “Tara and Tiree”


  • SPELLING WORDS:  part, hard, before, more, porch, corn, born, horse, smart, farm, chore, score

    Word Study

    Amazing Words for the week: courageous, hazard, rescue, avalanche, instinct, skittish, blustery, fast-paced


    High Frequency Words to Know:  listen, once, pull, break, family, heard



    October is 2nd grade’s month to do the PTO program.  Your child will NOT be able to participate if he/she has not paid.



    Skills for the Week:

  • Students should practice their handwriting at night. 
  • Realistic Fiction
  • Math


    Skills for the Week:

  • Place Value
  • Look for Homework sheet each night and Daily Practice.

    Social Studies


    Focus for the Week:

    Our Nation and the World




    No Science for the Week


  • Proper Nouns