English I

Romeo and Juliet Tic-Tac-Toe Board

Character Diary: You will represent 1 of the characters from Romeo and Juliet by writing a diary for that character. You must include at least 2 entries from each act for a total of 10 entries.

Soundtrack: You are in charge of coming up with Romeo and Juliet: The Movie Soundtrack. You will need a minimum of 7 songs. For each song, you will need a brief introduction (title, artist, and why this song fits this particular part of the play, what/who does this song explain/express?) Also, please have a nice front/back/slip cover. The songs you choose can be current, popular, old, or classical songs. No explicit language may be in the songs.

Family Tree: Using your imagination, create a unique family tree of the Capulets and Montagues. Be sure to include all the characters from our character sheet. Think outside the box!

Alternate Ending: Create an alternate ending for the play. Use your imagination, but make sure you base your writing on the characters and their personality traits. This should be typed or neatly handwritten and should be at least two pages in length. You do not have to write like Shakespeare did, but you do need to keep with the theme of the play. (Do not make it modern.)

Acting It Out: You will act out one important scene from Romeo and Juliet OR you will make a trailer for the whole play. You will make the scene/trailer modern (with restrictions). You MAY NOT read from the book! You will record your scene. You can ask other classmates to participate in this project as well. If you choose to do this project, every member of the group will get credit for the project. See Ms. McCain for a complete assignment sheet.

Artistic Representations: You may either create a new movie poster for Romeo and Juliet, or create a tattoo design for any of the main characters in the story. You should have a one paragraph explanation of three parts of the tattoo: 1) Color choices—what do they represent? 2) Design—why would this character want this design? 3) Symbolic elements—what symbols did you include and why? You cannot simply draw a heart and a dagger.

Figurative Language: Find at least 10 examples of figurative language in Romeo and Juliet. Write the quote, illustrate the quote, and tell the literal interpretation of the quote.

Newspaper: You will be creating your very own newspaper based on Romeo and Juliet. Your newspaper title and all that the paper contains must be about the storyline. (Does not matter which part of the story.) You should have an obituary section, editorial, cartoon, society news, etc. This must be on a poster board.

Social Media: Create a Facebook or Twitter page for both Romeo and Juliet on a poster board. Be sure to include all the info you would have on a real home page/profile. Include a 10-message post from the two using today’s (appropriate) teen language. You may have “others” (their friends, relatives) make comments, too.

Throughout the unit you will be working on three projects that are a major grade for this unit. You will choose three of the following projects and complete them for a grade. Detailed instruction will be given for each assignment. You must choose three in a row (like a tic-tac-toe board). You may choose horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

English I