March 17-21


  1. Prebell – Read pg 157 of your textbook and explain, in terms of force and motion and Newton’s Laws, why it is more dangerous to drive on a wet road than a dry one.
  2. Discuss friction – what causes friction, what would happen if there was no friction, static friction vs. kinetic friction, coefficients of friction
  3. Friction Problems –
    1. Guided Practice – work through several problems together as a class
    2. Independent Practice
  4. Closure – work through some of the more difficult problems together



  1. Prebell – Describe a world without friction.
  2. Friction Lab – students will determine the coefficient of friction for various surfaces
  3. Closure – write conclusions and answer questions concerning the lab



  1. Prebell --  Why is static friction greater than kinetic friction?
  2. Problem solving with force
    1. Find the net force acting on an object
    2. Draw force diagrams
    3. Use equations from previous chapters in combination with Newton’s laws to solve problems.
  3. Students will review the test they have already taken on Force and Motion to identify weak points and review concepts.


  1. Review for test
    1. Problem solving
    2. Physics Jeopardy
  2. Closure – ask students test questions from tomorrow’s test


  1.  Prebell – Give an example of Newton’s Laws on action.  Justify how your example illustrates Newton’s Laws.
  2. Test
  3. Closure – Review Balloon Car info and discuss project.  Project will be due Monday.