January 21-24

3rd Grade

Weekly Newsletter



FRACTIONS!!! Continue Working on Fractions!!


We are still working on multiplication facts!! Please review facts each night with your child!! Learning multiplication facts is a required skill.


WE HAVE COMPLETED 100 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please be at school every day!!  We are very busy getting ready for our testing! It is important that the children are at school every day unless they are sick.




States of Matter: Solid, Liquid, Gas

TUESDAY: Newsletter

TUESDAY: BLOOD DRIVE in the Storm Shelter


Reading/Social Studies:  


Unit test is Friday. Skills are main idea and details, vocabulary, compare and contrast, sequence, author's purpose, consonant blends, "le" syllable


Mrs. Taylor and I do not assign a lot of homework, but we do expect it to be completed and returned to school. We count getting papers signed as homework, as this is a lesson in responsibility. Please go over homework and help your child get this turned in!


BOXTOPS- Please send boxtops to help our school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




January 21-24