January 13-17

Scope of Work---January 13-17th:


Monday—January 13th:

  • The students will discuss the Advantages/Disadvantages of the North/South during the Civil War after viewing a video on the Civil War.
  • The students will complete their Portfolios.


Tuesday----January 14th:

  • The students will work on their study guides to prepare them for their Pre-1877 Unit Test.
  • The students will understand the principles behind Reconstruction and why Reconstruction failed.


Wednesday---January 15th:

  • Students will complete their Pre-1877 Unit Test.
  • Students will begin working on the Gilded Age Portfolio.

Thursday----January 16th:

  • Students will look at the overall concept of what the Gilded Age means.
  • Students will look at the early “Jim Crow” issues of the South and the major Supreme Court Case Plessy vs. Ferguson.

Friday----January 17th:

  • Students will look at the issues revolving around Westward Expansion and explain how it relates to the Rise of Industry and Human Rights regarding Native Americans.
  • Students will watch a portion of the “Heartland” film to understand the issues of Westward Expansion.
  • Students will come to a consensus on the problems that arose in the Great Plains which led to the reform party---The Populists.