December 9-20

US History Post-State Test

Unit 1: Human Rights & Vietnam (Dec. 6-10)

  • Students will watch Forrest Gump and analyze the impact that one American can have on history.   They will observe the major issues of the Civil Rights Movement and how the controversial Vietnam War will tear the country apart.
  • Activity 1: Students will document all the historical events they remember from US history that was covered in class. 
  • Activity 2: Students will decide what impact that would like to make in the world.  If they could fix/solve/create something important to them, what would it be?


Unit 2: Political Parties (Dec. 6-13)

  • Students will debate two issues per day and decide whether or not they would be conservative or liberal.  As a class we will explore the different political parties to see what party the students associate themselves with more.


Unit 3: Civil Rights or Holocaust (Dec. 10-13)

  • As a class students will vote on whether or not they would rather doing a unit on the Civil Rights Movement or the Holocaust.
  • Civil Rights: Students will watch the video The Help.  Students will analyze the examples they see of de facto and de jure segregation. 
    • Activity: Students will write how they feel Mississippi has changed in the past 60 years giving examples they find in the video.
  • Holocaust: Students will explore the darkest time period in world history as we go deeper into the phases of the Holocaust.  Students will watch Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List while they learn about the different phases of Hitler’s “Final Solution.”  Schindler’s List is the only movie that has ever been allowed to be filmed at Auschwitz.  Students will get to see the impact one man can make as he stood up for what was right as he went against the Nazis. 

Unit 4: Portfolio Corrections (Dec. 6-16)

  • Students will be correcting and updating their portfolios (worth 2 major grades)


Unit 5: Review for Final Exam (Dec. 13-18)

Dec. 19- Exam: 3rd & 4th  (Review 1st & 2nd)

Dec. 20- 1st & 2nd