November 18-22

3rd Grade

Weekly Newsletter




6-1-  Distributive Property

6-2-  3 as a factor

6-3-  4 as a factor

6-4-  6 and 7 as factors


Please review facts each night with your child!! Learning multiplication facts is a required skill.


Activity Fee- This needs to be paid as soon as possible.

PTO: TONIGHT!!  Be in your child’s teacher’s classroom at 5:30 sharp!! The program will be at 6:00. Please wear blue jeans and your tshirt that was sent home with your child today!! Shirts must be tucked in and a belt worn!! We want to look nice!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your participation!! 


FRIDAY: BECO the MAGICIAN!! The cost for this program is $2.50! If you would like for your child to be able to attend, please send the money!!



Monday: Newsletter


Tuesday: Signed Papers AND Progress Reports

Reading/Social Studies:  Skills are comparative and superlative adverbs, vowel patters ei, eigh, and writing an invitation~



Mrs. Taylor and I do not assign a lot of homework, but we do expect it to be completed and returned to school. We count getting papers signed as homework, as this is a lesson in responsibility. Please go over homework and help your child get this turned in!


BOXTOPS- Please send boxtops to help our school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




November 18-22