Ole Miss LuckyDay Program

The University of Mississippi LuckyDay Program and the Jackson based Luckyday Foundation is excited about the opportunity to assist the class of 2017 with the cost of college by informing them of the Luckyday Scholarship Program. The Scholarship is based on both academic accomplishments and remaining financial obligations after grants and scholarships have been calculated. Students who receive the Luckyday Scholarship participate in the Luckyday Success Program, which provides mentoring, tutoring, networking, and leadership oportunities. In addition, scholarship recipients reside in the state-of-the-art Luckyday Residential College for their freshmen and sophomore years.


In order to receive consideration for a Luckyday Scholarship, all interested students should submit an application for asmission to the University as well as select the Luckyday option when completing the University of Mississippi's Entering Freshmen Scholarship Application. The priority deadline for completing the scholarship application is January.

For more information call 662-915-6493 or visit http://www.olemiss.edu/studentaffairs/luckyday

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