September 16-20

3rd Grade

Weekly Newsletter



Topic 3 Pretest!

Monday: Lesson 3:1 Adding

Tuesday: Lesson 3:2 Models for adding

Wednesday: Lesson 3:3 Adding 3 digit numbers

Thursday: Lesson 3:4 Adding 3 or more numbers

Friday: Lesson 3:5 Problem solving- Draw a Picture

Activity Fee- This needs to be paid as soon as possible.

PTO- Please join as soon as possible!

FIELD TRIP- Notes went home last week! Please pay ASAP so we can finalize our plans!! THANK YOU!!


Human Body

Monday: Newsletter Home to you!!

Tuesday: Signed Papers


Refer to family times for Spelling /Vocabulary

Skills: Author’s purpose, compound sentences, ow, ou, oi, and oy vowel dipthongs, realistic fiction


Mrs. Taylor and I do not assign a lot of homework, but we do expect it to be completed and returned to school. We count getting papers signed as homework, as this is a lesson in responsibility. Please go over homework and help your child get this turned in!

Social Studies: Constitution Activities-Social Studies Book pp. 124-129 Skills: - Explain why colonists wanted freedom from England -Identify key people who worked for freedom - Summarize the early history of the Constitution and the document's importance today


BOXTOPS- Please send boxtops to help our school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


FRIDAY: Constitution Day!! Please wear the shirt you purchased this day with Blue Jeans, Blue Jean Shorts, Khaki Shorts or Khakis!!


September 16-20