September 9-16

3rd Grade

Weekly Newsletter



Monday: 2:6- Estimating Sums

Tuesday: 2:7-Estimating Differences

Wednesday: Making sense of addition and subtraction equations.

Thursday: Problem Solving

Friday: TEST TOPIC 2

Activity Fee- This needs to be paid as soon as possible.

PTO- Please join as soon as possible!



Describe the characteristics, structures, life cycles, and environments of organisms.      

Cold Turkey Reading- We are going to be practicing cold turkey reading and answering questions!!

Monday: Newsletter Home to you!!

Tuesday: Signed Papers


We are going to be reviewing testing skills: cause and effect, inferring, drawing conclusions and recalling facts. There will be “cold turkey” reading passages each day and each night for homework. This will be teacher guided on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. There will be a test on Wednesday and Friday!!


Mrs. Taylor and I do not assign a lot of homework, but we do expect it to be completed and returned to school. We count getting papers signed as homework, as this is a lesson in responsibility. Please go over homework and help your child get this turned in!

Social Studies:

Social Studies Comprehension Passages. Students will read passages and answer questions.


BOXTOPS- Please send boxtops to help our school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


FRIDAY: WAR EAGLE DAY!!! This will be our first pep rally on the campus of WES!! Please wear Blue and Orange and support our WAR EAGLES!!!!!!


September 9-13