Scope of Work


Welcome to Waynesboro Middle School! 


Bellwork: Practice Test Questions

Classwork: TTW and TLW continue discussing Greek and Latin root words.

            TLW complete an word wise activity using these root words.  Read and

       discuss IOBD.

Homework: Greek and Latin roots worksheet



Bellwork:Practice Test Questions

Classwork: Introduce unfamiliar and multiple meaning words using powerpoint and video.

Active Engagement (15-20 mins): Students complete the multiple-meaning words worksheet.  Teacher should conference with individual students or pull a small group.

Homework: workbook page...90


Bellwork:Practice Test Questions

Classwork: TTW and TLW do a Multiple Meanings game where the students must find another student with the correct word or definition that matches his/hers.

TLW complete a handout for their level of knowledge. (L, M, H)

Homework: Workbook page  184


Bellwork:Practice Test Questions

Classwork: Review Greek and Latin root words, review multiple meaning words.Workbook pg. 344 and 353

TLW create venn diagrams with a choice of two words for multiple meaning words.  The venn diagram will display a sentence, the meaning, and a picture of the word.  Persuasive writing assignment: Think of one thing about your school that needs changing. (15 minutes)

Homework: STUDY



Bellwork:Practice Test Questions

Classwork: Quiz on Greek/Latin Root words and multiple meaning words



Remediation: TTW pull these students daily to reinforce the lesson before assigning independent practice/homework.

Choose 5 words, circle the Greek and Latin root in each word and write a

sentence with each.

Enrichment: Choose eight words, underline the Greek and Latin root in each

word, write a sentence with each word, add words with Greek and

Latin roots to the word list and define them.

Differentiation: Each student will complete handouts based on their level of knowledge.  TLW read news articles on their lexile levels and complete a quiz.


***The teacher will pull those students who need assistance and work one on one.



    Below-Level: Think about an improvement that should be made to your school.  Write a persuasive speech convincing others that this improvement is a good idea.  Give details that persuade others to agree with you.

    On-Level: Write a persuasive speech about an improvement that should be made to your school.  Include details that tell how the school would be better.  Provide reasons why the improvement is a good idea.

    Above-Level: Think about a change you’d like to see in your school.  Write a speech persuading others why this change is a good idea.  Give detailed evidence telling how your school would benefit from the change.