September 3-6, 2013

3rd Grade

Weekly Newsletter



Tuesday: Lesson 2-3(Using Mental Math to add)

Wednesday: Lesson 2-4 (Using Mental Math to Subtract)

Thursday: Lesson 2-5 (Rounding)

Friday: Lesson 2-6 (Estimating Sums)

Activity Fee- This needs to be paid as soon as possible.

TSHIRT- Please get your child’s t-shirt ordered as soon as possible! We would like every child to have a t-shirt for our two programs and for our field trip! These shirts are only $5.50. DEADLINE is September 6th.

PTO- Please join as soon as possible!



Describe the characteristics, structures, life cycles, and environments of organisms.      


Tuesday: Newsletter Home to you!!

Tuesday: Signed Papers


Descriptive Writing, Imperative and Descriptive Sentences, Vowel Digraphs, ea, ee, ai, ay, oa, ow, compare and contrast

*CHECK FAMILY TIMES for spelling words and story words with definitions.


Mrs. Taylor and I do not assign a lot of homework, but we do expect it to be completed and returned to school. We count getting papers signed as homework, as this is a lesson in responsibility. Please go over homework and help your child get this turned in!

Social Studies:

Social Studies Comprehension Passages. Students will read passages and answer questions.


BOXTOPS- Please send boxtops to help our school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


FRIDAY: WAR EAGLE DAY!!! This will be our first pep rally on the campus of WES!! Please wear Blue and Orange and support our WAR EAGLES!!!!!!


September 3-6