Mississippi Scholar Requirements


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What is Mississippi Scholars?

The Mississippi Scholars Initiative is an education program managed by the Public Education Forum of Mississippi, which utilizes business leaders to motivate students to complete a rigorous course of study in high school.  This course path gives students a boots – not just for college but for life.  The Initiative pairs trained local business leaders with classes of 8th grade students.  These leaders present the students with a powerful presentation, which provides the rationale for the recommendation that students take more rigorous courses. 

Mission Statement

To encourage and motivate all high school students to complete a defined, rigorous academic course of study that prepares them for successful transition to college, university coursework or vocational and technical training necessary to enter today's competitive job market.



English Language Arts 4 credits must consist of: • English I (1) • English II (1) • Two additional English credits above English II and approved for admission to IHL Mathematics 4 credits must consist of: • Algebra I (1) • Algebra II (1) • Geometry (1) • And 1 Carnegie Unit of comparable rigor and content may come from mathematics courses approved for Mississippi Scholars Credit (mississippischolars.ms) Science 4 credits must consist of: • Biology I (1) • Chemistry (1) • Any 2 Carnegie Units of comparable rigor and content above Biology I and Chemistry (Physics [1] preferred). Additionally, 1 Carnegie Unit may come from a Career Technical Education course. Social Studies 4 credits must consist of: • World Geography (½) • Mississippi Studies (½) • World History Studies (1) • U.S. History (1) • U.S. Government (½) • Economics (½) Arts 1 credit of: • One Carnegie Unit of visual and performing arts meeting the requirements for high school graduation or • Two units for completion of the 2 course sequence Computer Graphics Technology I & II Advanced Electives 2 credits must consist of: • Two foreign languages or a 5th math or 5th science of higher rigor or • Any 2 dual credit courses Additional Requirements • 40 hours of community or volunteer service during 4 years of high school • Minimum of 18 ACT Composite Score (Overall Score) for seniors graduating in 2016 and later • 2.5 cumulative high school GPA on a 4.0 scale • Three letters of recommendation (one from each of the following — principal, guidance counselor and business/ community leader for students with more than 4 in-school suspensions) • 95% school attendance during 4 years of high school • No out-of-school suspension English (4 credits) Mathematics (3 credits) • Algebra I • Math above Algebra I (Course has to be related to program of study) Geometry (mandatory) Science (3 credits) • Biology I • Two courses above Biology I Social Studies (3 credits) • American History • Government • Mississippi Studies Computer (1 credit) Health or PE (½ credit) Electives (2½ credits) • Must take 4 CTE credits in the same area of your program of study.? • Must have 21 minimum credits — students can go the 21 or 24 credit route allowing time for internship. • Non-negotiable Additional Requirements • 40 hours of community or volunteer service during high school • Minimum of 18 ACT Composite Score (Overall Score) or minimum 36 ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test) or Silver Level WorkKeys • 2.5 high school GPA on a 4.0 scale • 95% school attendance during high school years • No out-of-school suspension • Must attain a passing score, as established by the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE), on the Mississippi Career Planning and Assessment System (CPAS2) or a passing score on an MDE-approved industry certification assessment. 


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