When to take the SAT

A smart time to take the SAT is during spring of your junior year.  Many students also decide to take the SAT again in the fall of their senior year.


SAT Subject Tests can help you:

  • Complete college applications that either require or recommend the tests, especially if you're interested in specific areas like science or engineering.
  • Showcase knowledge in your best subjects to make your college applications stand out.
  • Place out of introductory classes and, in some cases, earn course credit.


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SAT Review with video tutorials... Click the following link!


I wanted to share a powerful new SAT resource with you called Varsity Learning Tools. It is a comprehensive suite of completely free practice tests, digital flashcards, and questions-of-the-day:

Varsity Learning Tools provides more than 100,000 individual problems and thousands of practice tests across 150 subjects, including the SAT. To date, students have completed more than 40 million problems on the Varsity Learning Tools platform. Each question is tied to a specific academic concept, which means that students can pinpoint their particular strengths and weaknesses in almost any area. For on-the-go studying, we also have more than 40 mobile apps that students can download for free, with no account setup required. See more on our mobile apps here:

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