Graduation Requirements

26 Carnegie Units are required to graduate from Wayne County High School

Curriculum Area Carnegie Units Required Subjects
English 4 English II
Mathematics 4 Algebra I
Science 4 Biology I
Social Studies 4

1 World History
1 U.S. History
1/2 Geography
1/2 U.S. Government
1/2 Economics
1/2 Mississippi Studies

Health & Physical Education 1 1/2 Comprehensive Health or 1/2 Family and Individual Health and
1/2 Physical Education
Business & Technology 1 1 Computer Discovery or ICT II or 1/2 Keyboarding and 1/2 Computer Applications
The Arts 1 Any approved 500.00 course or completion of the 2-course sequence for Computer Graphics Technology I and II
Electives 5  
Leadership Credit 2

2 Credits from the following electives with a 1/2 credit that must be a P.E.
Band                              Physical Education
Theatre                          Show Choir
Journalism I,II                 Oral Communication
Choral Music                  JROTC
Debate                           Public Speaking
Driver's Education           Sports Medicine

The following courses are new vocactional courses which count for a leadership credit:
Automotive Service & Technician I & II
Construction I & Construction: Carpentry
Culinary Arts I & II
Forestry I & II
Health Sciences I & II
Heavy Machinery I & II
Information Technology I & II
Law and Public Safety I & II
Sciece of Ag Plants
Teacher Academy I & II
Welding (Intro) & Welding (Advanced)

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