August 12-16, 2013

MS Curriculum Objectives for this week:
Standard 1:
Apply inquiry-based and problem-solving procedures to design and conduct a scientific investigation.
1b.  Identify questions that can be answered through scientific investigations.
1c. Identify and apply components of scientific methods in classroom investigations.
1d. Interpret and generate graphs(e.g. plotting points, labeling x-axis and y—axis, creating appropriate titles and legends for circle, bar, and line graphs).
1e. Analyze procedures and data to draw conclusions about the validity of research.
1f. Formulate and revise scientific explanations and models using logic and evidence (data analysis).
1g. Communicate effectively to present and explain scientific results, using appropriate terminology and graphics.

1.  Bell-work: Write a lab safety scenario and explain what was correct or incorrect.
2.  Give teacher-prepared notes on the parts of the scientific method.
3.  Students will work in small groups to interpret scientific method scenarios and pick out the control group, experimental group, independent variable, and dependent variable.
4, Answer chapter 1 section 1 reinforcement  questions.

1.  Bell-work: Explain each of the following terms: control group, experimental group, independent variable, and dependent variable.
2.  Give teacher=prepared notes on graphing and model each type of graph.
3. Answer the chapter 1 section 3 review questions on graphing.
4. Generate a bar graph, line graph, and circle graph.  Students needing additional help will be paired with a partner. (peer tutoring)

1. Bell-work:  A. Explain what each type of graph is used for. B. Create a graph that represents  each type.
2. Review the scientific method and graphing.
3. Perform measurement lab by measuring a piece of wrapped candy. Measure the length,  width, and height of the wrapper and the piece of candy. Calculate the area and the volume of each where applicable.
4. Answer the Key Term Review questions and chapter 1 review questions.
5. Answer the chapter 1 vocabulary quiz

1. Bell-work: Explain the difference between a constant and a control.
2. Answer Chapter 1 study guides on scientific method, measurement, and graphing.

1. Bell-work:  Study for the chapter 1 test.
2. Answer the Chapter 1 test.
3. Define the new vocabulary words for chapter 2.
4. KLW chapter 2 Motion

*****Enrichment for advanced students each day will be to write in their science journals.

*****Remediation will be small groups of peer tutoring and one-on-one teacher help.

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