April 29 - May 2


Physics Lesson Plans



1.       Prebell – Write a paragraph explaining how your egg drop project relates to the impulse momentum theorem.

2.       Egg Drop Project

3.       Students will use their times from the egg drop projects to calculate (a) the height of the bleachers, (b) the momentum of the eggs, (b) the force experienced by their egg

4.       Closure – write conclusions for project



1.       Prebell – What particles are in an atom.

2.       Notes/Lecture – electricity

a.       What causes electric charge

b.      How is electric charge measured

c.       What causes lightning

3.       Video – experiments with static electricity

4.       Closure – explain what caused the two balloons to move away from one another in the video?



1.       Prebell – Why does lightning occur?

2.       Minilab – students will attempt to recreate the experiments they saw in yesterday’s video

a.       Rub two balloons on your hair, then try to close the balloons to one another

b.      Rub one balloon against your hair, then roll a soda can toward the balloon

c.       Rub a balloon against your hair then bring it near a small stream of water

3.       Notes/Lecture – conductors and insulators

4.       Students will write a list of all the conductors they are aware of and all of the insulators they know of.

5.       Notes/Lecture –

a.       Electric Force and Coulomb’s Law

b.      Ways in which materials can become charged (friction, conduction, induction)

c.       Electric Fields



1.       Prebell – Socratic Questions involving electricity

2.       Notes/Lecture:

a.       Electric Potential Energy (aka Voltage)

b.      Electric Current

c.       Calculating Electric Current

3.       Complete page in textbook on current

4.       Notes/Lecture – Ohm’s Law

a.       Calculating Ohm’s Law

b.      Practice in textbook



1.       Prebell

2.       Virtual Lab – Ohm’s Law

3.       Webquest -- Circuits