April 8-12

Physics Lesson Plans

April 8-12



  1. Prebell – Questions on Elastic and Potential Energy
  2. Notes/ Lecture – Chemical Energy and conservation of energy
  3. Guided Practice on Conservation of Energy Problems (class will work the first three problems together)
  4. Independent Practice on Conservation of Energy (students will work the remainder of the problems on their own)
  5. Begin Review of past problems (work, power, kinetic energy, etc.)



  1. PRebell – Distinguish between kinetic energy and potential energy.  Use examples in your answer.
  2. Review for test on work and energy – students will complete a review guide
  3. Review some problems from the Review guide
  4. If time allows, play review game.  Several problems will be on a slideshow.  Students will be given a certain amount of time to solve the problem before we move onto the next one.  The team with the most correct answers will win bonus points for tomorrow’s test.


  1. Prebell – Study for test
  2. Quick Review
  3. Test on Unit 5
  4. Read section 6-1 on momentum and collisions and answer accompanying questions
  5. Closure – Discuss the reading and introduce the next unit


  1. Prebell – Define terms in chapter 6
  2. Lecture/Notes --  What is momentum?
    1. Discuss momentum
    2. Demonstrate how to solve momentum problems
  3. Students will work page 209 of textbook ( 3 problems)
  4. Lecture/Notes – Impulse-Momentum Theorem
    1. Discuss how force and time are related to momentum
    2. Introduce the impulse-momentum theorem
    3. Give examples of how this theorem is used in everyday life (gymnastics mat, bending knees landing a jump, etc.)
    4. Demonstrate how to solve problems using the impulse-momentum theorem
  5. Students will work page 211 of textbook
  6. Closure – Exit Slip (Give an example of how the impulse momentum theorem can be used in designing safety equipment)


  1. PRebell – Momentum Problems
  2. Calculating stopping distance using the impulse-momentum theorem – example problems will be worked together as a class
  3. Students will work page 213 of textbook
  4. Assign egg drop projects.  Projects will be due in one week (April 19)