April 1-5


Physics Lesson Plans

April 1-5



1.       PRebell – Compare and contrast the everyday meaning of the word “work” with the definition in your physics book

2.       Notes/Lecture

a.       What is work?

b.      Equation for work and solving problems with force and work

3.       Guided/Independent Practice – Students will work page 170 in their textbook

4.       Notes/Lecture

a.       Work and Energy

b.      Types of Energy – Kinetic vs Potential

5.       Problem solving with kinetic energy – students will work page 174 in their textbook

6.       Closure – explain why a weightlifter holding a 100-lb weight over his head is not considered work.


1.       PRebell – Distinguish between kinetic energy and potential energy.  Use examples in your answer.

2.       Reinforce work and kinetic energy problems (worksheet)

3.       Noes/Lecture:

a.       Work-KE Theorem (students will work page 178 in textbook)

b.      Types of potential energy (gravitational, elastic, heat, chemical, etc.)

4.       Problems with gravitational potential energy and elastic potential energy

5.       Students work page 180 in textbook.

6.       Closure – review problems from textbook


1.       Prebell – (a) What is elastic potential energy?  (b) Give three examples of elastic potential energy?

2.       Review work-energy theorem and potential energy

3.       Notes/Lecture –

a.       Conservation of Energy

b.      Power

4.       Working problems with conservation of energy and power

5.       Closure – review the more difficult questions on the smartboard


1.       Prebell – worksheet

2.       Review for Test

a.       Work and review study guide

b.      Hide the cards game

3.       Closure – Tally points from review game to determine winner


1.       PRebell – Quick Review

2.       Test

3.       Define terms in chapter 6