March 25-28


Physics Lesson Plans

Week of March 25-28



1.    Prebell – Describe how you constructed your balloon car

2.   Students will present their balloon cars and describe what materials their car is made out of and why they chose those materials

3.   Balloon Car Race – students will race their balloon cars and measure the distance that each car travels, the initial velocity of the car, the acceleration of their car, and the force provided by the balloon

4.   Closure – If any cars did not perform, students must troubleshoot to determine how they might fix their cars and suggest why the car did not work properly



1.    Prebell –

2.   Review problems on Force (Newton’s 2nd law), friction, and tension

3.   Ch 4 Jeopardy

4.   Closure – socratic questioning to review for test



1.    Prebell –

2.   Unit 4 Test

3.   After the test, students will make vocabulary cards for ch 5 terms and read over section 5-1 and answer questions.

4.   Closure – discuss the reading to introduce chapter 5



1.    Prebell – Compare and contrast the everyday meaning of the word “work” with the definition in your physics book.

2.   Notes/Lecture – Work and Energy

a.   What is work?

b.   Present the equation for work and demonstrate how to solve problems involving work and force

c.  Power – what is power, equation for power, solving problems involving power

3.   Students will work problems on pages from their textbook

4.   Closure – exit slip (When a weightlifter holds a weight over his head, he is exerting force but not doing any work. Explain why that is true.)



1.    Prebell – work problems

2.   Lecture/Notes

a.   What is energy?

b.   Compare and contrast potential and kinetic energy

c.  Use the work-energy theorem to calculate kinetic energy

d.   Types of potential energy (gravitational potential energy, chemical PE, etc.)

3.   Solve problems involving kinetic and potential energy

4.   Closure – review some of the more difficult problems