Feb 25 - March 1

Physics Lesson Plans

Week of Feb 25 – March 1



  1. Prebell – Vector Problems
  2. Review Guide/Practice Problems – students will work on these in groups
  3. Go over some of the problems together as a class
  4. Review some of the conceptual problems from tomorrow’s test
  5. Closure – Review for test


  1. Prebell – Give students one of the projectile motion problems from the test to work out
  2. Test
  3. After the test, students will read through section 4-1 on Force and Motion and answer advanced questions.
  4. Closure – discuss what students have read


  1. Prebell – What is meant by the term force?
  2. Notes/Lecture:
    1. Force – what is a force?  What are the units of force? What can we used to measure force?
    2. Newton’s laws of motion
  3. Give examples of Newton’s Laws of motion in real life situations
  4. Students will state Newton’s laws of motion in their own words
  5. Solving Problems with Newton’s Second Law of Motion
  6. Closure – Exit Slip (Give an example that illustrates one of Newton’s Laws of Motion)


  1. Prebell – Laws of Motion worksheet
  2. Practice with Newton’s second law
  3. Notes/ Lecture:  Types of Forces:
    1. Normal Force
    2. Gravity
    3. Friction
  4. Gravity Problems
  5. Friction Problems
  6. Closure – Reflective Paragraph


  1. Prebell –
  2. Lecture/Notes – More on Friction:
    1. Types of Friction
    2. Friction on Falling Objects
    3. What forces act on an airplane?
  3. Solve problems dealing with friction
  4. Closure – review problems