Feb 18-22


Week of February 18-22

Physics Lesson Plans:

Weekly Objectives:


  1. Prebell – A hiker leaves her base camp and walks directly southeast (45°) for 6.5 km.  The next day she walks 4.5 km due east, where she finds a ranger’s station.  Determine the displacement between the hikers origin and the ranger’s station.
  2. Review vectors
  3. Short open note quiz on vectors
  4. After quiz, students will read through section 3-3 and answer questions on projectile motion.
  5. Closure – discuss projectile motion.  Introduce it to the class, and compare projectile motion and vertical motion.


  1. Prebell – Describe what causes a projectile to follow a parabolic path as it flies through the air.
  2. Lecture/Notes:
    1. What is Projectile Motion?
    2. How did Galileo contribute to our ideas on projectile motion?  What did people believe before Galileo’s studies?
    3. What causes projectile motion
    4. Graph a parabola
  3. Students will observe the path of several projectiles as they are pushed off a table or thrown at an angle.  They will draw these paths in their notes.
  4. Solving problems on projectile motion
    1. Students will get a set of 5 sample problems. Teacher will use these problems to demonstrate how to solve projectile motion problems.   These problems will be involve  real life situations, so that students will see the relevancy of their work (throwing a baseball, hitting a golf ball, shooting an arrow, kicking a field goal, firing a bullet, etc.) Students will work keep these problems in their notebook to use as examples.
    2. Students will get a larger problem set to work through on their own.  They will turn this paper in for a grade.
  5. Closure – review some of the problems from the larger problem set


  1. PRebel l – Read lab handout and answer questions
  2. Lab Activity:
    1. Students will be given dart guns and a protractor.  (Note: these guns shoot foam darts.  No students will be harmed in this lab!)
    2. Students must determine what angle gives the best horizontal range.
    3. Students must hit a certain target on the wall.  They must first determine the initial velocity with which the darts are shot.  They will then determine what at what angle they must shoot the dart to reach the target.  They will then put their data to the test by shooting the dart at the predicted angle.
  3.  Closure – complete lab handout and write a reflective paragraph in which they evaluate the lab, draw conclusions, and justify their conclusions using evidence from their lab



  1. Prebell – What angle will provide the best horizontal range for a projectile?
  2. Study Guide for Unit Test
  3. Students will work independently on the study guide for the majority of the class
  4. Instructor will review some points from the study guide
  5. Review Game
  6. Closure – look at sample questions from the test


  1. Prebell – two questions from the test
  2. Quick Review
  3. Test
  4. After test, read through section 4-1 and answer accompanying questions