MS Scholars


English   Math   Science Total
Englsih I   Algebra I   Biology I  
English II   Algebra II   Chemistry  
English III   Geometry   Biology II  
English IV   Algebra III   Botany 1/2  
Eng. Comp. I   College Algebra   A & P  
English Comp II       Marine & Aqua 1/2  
AP. English Lang.       Physical Science  
AP English Lit.       Zoology 1/2  
        Concepts of Agriscience  
Total:   Total:   Science of Agri. Animals  
        Science of Agri. Plants  
        Health Science I & II - 2 units
Social Studies   Art   Advance Electives  
World Geography 1/2   General Music   Spanish I  
Mississippi Studies 1/2   Visual Arts   Spanish II  
World History   Theatre I   5th Math  
US History   Theatre II   5th Science  
US Government 1/2   Band   2 - Dual credit courses  
Economics 1/2          
Total:   Total:   Total:  
Minimum 18 on ACT       4 English  
2.5 GPA       4 Math  
95% Attendance       4 Science  
No out of school suspensions       4 Social Studies  
No more than 4 in school suspensions   1 Art  
40 hours of community service hours   2 Adv. Electives  



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