Scope of Work

This course introduces concepts for personal development in health-related fitness and physical skills; these include cardiovascular exercise, body composition, strength, endurance, and flexibility which will be the basis for the four-year physical education program. Students will develop physical and health-related fitness skills through participation in individual and field activities.

Grades 5 & 6 will participate in classroom activities for one week on a rotating schedule. These classroom activities are health related and will consists of regular classwork and test. For the month of December we will be working on making positive decisions.
Rainy Day Schedule:  On rainy days we will exercise in the gym.
Dry Day Schedule: On dry days we will participate in physcial activites and use rotating sports stations when permitable.


 Grades 7 & 8
Those that participate in team sports at WMS will practice during their P.E. periods. Those that do not play any sports at WMS will use rotating sports stations as well as physical training, strength and conditioning and exercise that promotes life long participation and good health.












































































Physical Education