Accelerated English III, Fall 2017  

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Accelerated English III is designed to involve students in a more challenging application of literacy skills  than they might practice in a typical English III class.  Emphasis is given to a developing students' ability to identify other writers's tools of rheroric and how they employ them to achiever their purposes.  Then, students are immersed in employing those tools of rhetoric in increasingly sophisticated ways to accomplish their purposes in writing and speaking.  Emphasis is also given to moving the students toward becoming able to analyze information independently and created effective texts independently.

  • August 2017

    In August, we will begin with some activities that enable the teacher and students to become familiar with one another. Next, students will be asked to write a timed pre-assessment essay to give me insight into their writing strengths and weaknesses as we begin the course.

    After completion of the pre-assessment essay, our attention will turn to an examination and application of the various purposes, patterns of arrangement, and patterns of organization that are associated with effective written communication.

    Additionally, almost daily, students will involved in the mastery and/or review of more complex skills of grammar, mechanics, and usage.

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      Accelerated English III, Fall 2017
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