Parent Center

Wayne County School District Parent Center

The WCSD Parent Center is a resource center for families and schools provided by the Wayne County School District.  The main purpose of this resource center is to provide skills, resources, and knowledge that will enable families to support the student in his education.  It is the desire of the WCSD that we provide parents with the most useful resources.  The Parent Center is designed to assist parents in helping the student who is struggling in any subject.  Please call and speak with Belinda Walley, Literacy Coach, so that she can help determine what materials and resources your child might need. 


·        Success with Math

·        Phonics

·        Foundational Math

·        Social Studies

·        Science

·        US History

·        Sight Word Materials

·        CCSS English Language Arts

·        CCSS Math

·        Sight Word/Phrase flash cards

·        Sight Word Lists

·        Summer Activities

·        Pre-K resources

·        Parent brochures

·        Success with Writing

·        Math flashcards

·        Alphabet flash cards

·        Algebra


WCSD is in the process of adding more resources to make sure all needs are covered.  If we do not have the resources or information you need, we will find them for you.  If you have suggestions on resources you feel might be important, please let us know.

Helpful Links For Parents

Belinda Walley

1409 Azalea Drive

Waynesboro, MS 39367