7th and 8th Grades

Teachers: Kate Blackwell, Alicia Lindsey, Pam Malone, Cathy Sullins, Traci Wigley, and Melissa Clay
field trip

      Beat Four 7th graders enjoyed a fun historical trip to Mobile, AL.  Students toured the reconstructed Fort of Colonial Mobile where they saw artifacts from that time period, enjoyed dressing up as colonials and finding clues to get out of the escape room.  Next they enjoyed the Duck Boat Tour of Mobile Bay, Mobile River and Downtown Mobile.             

mobile 6  mobile7

mobile1  mobile2  mobile9










Mrs Sullins and her football boys are excited about safari/camo day during homecoming week. Go Tigers!


sullins safari



 Ms. Clay's homeroom students were showing their school spirit.




camo 2 MC




Pam Malone's 7th grade students demonstrated knowledge of integers by matching change in temperature with cities.  





Mrs. Lindsey's 7th grade Science class is learning what makes up DNA and which nitrogen bases pair together. 


dna1             dna2   



BFS 8th Grade was prepared for the eclipse! 


P malone solar






Mrs. Lindsey's 8th grade students had to design a package that would keep a raw egg from breaking when dropped from a height of 2 meters. During this activity, students had to learn the steps of the Technological Design Process and implement them into their project.


raw egg package1​​​​​​


raw egg package2


raw egg packing3