1st Grade

Teachers: Donna Crowe & Terri Pitts, Rhonda Long & Danielle Holland, Tanya Jordan & Leigh Coxwell

Mrs Rhonda Long and Mrs Danielle Holland’s first grade students have been PARTNER READING.  

The students take turns reading, one as the “Coach” and the other as the “Player”.   As the Player reads aloud, the coach reads along in his/her mind, checking to make sure the spoken words are correct.   Then, they switch roles, allowing the “Coach” to take a turn reading, and the other student the opportunity to keep an eye out for mistakes.  The students have been really enjoying reading like this!   We are very proud of their hard work!


team reading




While reading a story on Mexican customs and traditions, Mrs. Crowe's first graders had lots of fun  playing with cascarones and eating Mexican food. Cascarones are confetti filled eggs used during Mexican celebrations. 









First graders from Beat Four Elementary recently enjoyed a field trip to Meridian.  While there, they attended a live production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the MSU Riley Center.  Afterwards, they took a ride on the Dentzel Carousel and enjoyed lunch and playtime at the park.  First grade teachers and assistants are Donna Crowe, Terri Pitts, Tanya Jordan, Leigh Coxwell, Rhonda Long, and Danielle Holland.



1st grade trip



Mrs Jordan and Mrs Leigh's first graders having popcorn and "pop" for short o snacks


tj pop pic



Mrs. Jordan and Mrs Leigh's first graders dressed up for wild safari day

TJ safari






Mrs. Crowe's first grade class has enjoyed cheering for the Beat Four Tigers since school began in August! In Science, we are studying facts about our mascot, the Tiger!


tiger study